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The Many Uses of Lemon Juice

Lemons are among my most favorite fruits. I'm one of very few who actually like to eat the lemon, but I don't indulge often because it can damage tooth enamel. However, there are a lot of other ways lemons can benefit us.

1) Coughs: This is one of the few cough remedies you may actually get your children to take. Mix equal parts honey and lemon juice thoroughly. It can be taken one tablespoon about once an hour as needed. There is one precaution children under two shouldn't use honey. Store any leftovers of the syrup in the fridge until it's needed again.
2) Disinfectant: In this era of going "green," lemons are a big ally. You can use the juice itself, or you can make an extract from the peel. Depending on what you plan to do with it, you can use an alcohol or an oil extraction. This is one case where Everclear or other nonpotable undenatured alcohol is useful. For oil, choose something that won't leave a stain. Olive oil may not be your best bet.

3) Fish: As a rule, I do not like lemon on my fish, but many people do. You can squeeze some on before cooking or after...or both. Fresh wedges, even if you didn't use it in the recipe, make an excellent garnish. It can also be a wise means of serving company. Then those how enjoy it can squeeze to their heart's delight and those who don't can enjoy their fish unadulterated.

4) Hair Care: Lemon water before the last rinse can make a big difference in hair care. It helps to brighten color. When mixed with herbs, you can get an even more out of it. For red hair, add mullein flower tea, and blonds might want to add chamomile. Be aware that it will change the color slightly, so if you're happy with the looks now, leave the herbs out.

5) Mayo: When we want real mayo, I usually make it myself. It's not particularly difficult, but it is a sauce that is very easy to "break." One aspect of making mayo is the need for an acid. Many recipes call for vinegar, but I like either lemon or lime juice, especially if it's being made for a food that lemons can enhance. For some reason, I do like the taste of lemon mayo with some fish.
For both the cough syrup and the hair care, it is highly recommended that you consult someone who is an expert in that field. Your doctor or pediatrician can tell you how much and how safe the syrup is. Your hairdresser can tell you what would happen and how to mix the coloring.

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