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You have to check your health before it will be late

 You have to check your health before it will be late  
Your health is like a bank account, every time you draw money of that account you have to check the credit and you are keeping in mind that it should be under the flow or you won’t be able to draw money. So your health is being spent like money by every physical or mental activity you do, but you are not checking your health credit. Now you may have gotten an idea about how your health could be lost or saved, depending on your management. Just check every thing before you get sick and protect yourself from any wrong spending of your health such as smoking, drinking alcohol, taking pills for ladies, eating hazardous products, exposing to radiations and pollution, and also ignoring the cleanse of your body from inside or detoxifying.

    You are constantly exposed to hazardous conditions including chemical hormonal, genetic, drugs, pollution, radiation, waves and some other uncomfortable mental conditions such as the stress and depression.

    Many factors are administering your health but the most relevant are related to foods and water, and eating healthy may depend on some extrinsic and intrinsic factors. The former are related to the conditions in which foods are produced.

    Crops growing

    Animals breading



    The later are related to the body’s physiology. People not suffering from any disease are the most concerned by the diet for preventing some sicknesses by keeping a balance in their life style. Anybody may know about his own health pattern and history, a regular checking of some factors might be done for recording any change, rather positive or negative in the life. This may help identifying any abnormal sensation in the body.

    The general checking may concern:

    Weight                           Tension                Body external temperature

    Sleeping conditions         Fatigue                 Pain in articulations

    Appetite                         Nails state             Hair fall

    Skin state                       Eyes                     Ears pinching

    Headache                       Constipation         Stool colour

    Diarrhoea                       Vomiting               Bleeding

    Dizziness                        Anxiety                Depression

    Heart palpitation             Mouth                  Itching

    Sour throat                     Breathing              Left arm pain

    Men should check ejaculation

    Women should check menstruation.

    No way to be healthy if the body is not kept away from any hazard which could be brought out by food water air smoking alcohol pills and any chemical which can come in contact with the body including cleaning materials, radiation, plastic, paint, covers, clothes etc..