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The new concept of nutrition is based on all welfare conditions

Nutrition is the right diet for keeping a metabolic balance, so we are really choked by the wrong way nutrition is now seen by some people not involved in the field, but dealing with it such as physicians. Just to remind them, nutrition is related to many complicated sciences which are not yet studied in medical sciences. It is a very complicated task to really indicate a diet for a patient when some fundamentals are not acquired by the specialist.

    Nutrition is based on:

    - the chemical composition of natural food products including vegetal and animal sources. All techniques used in the production of foods should be well monitored. Pesticides, hormones, GMO, feed, green houses crops. You can never advice people about their diet when you do not know how food products are produced. You can never advise people about their diet when you do not know how crops meat and milk are produced and processed. All the food products should be pesticides free hormones free GMO free. Crops should not be grown in green houses and animal should be pastured.

    - the chemical composition of processed food products and how they are processed. All people dealing with nutrition should know about food additives, food processing, food microbiology, food science, food technology, packaging and freezing as well as micro-waving and or irradiating of foods. Note that some food products are chemically synthesized and they are not from nature but from chemical industries such as flavours, drinks, sweeteners and many food enrichments.

    - the chemical and physical modifications of food by processing and cooking or any other treatment aiming food preservation. There is no safe process except cooking food at home. Yet some physicians in our country are still recommending margarine as a vegetable fat free of cholesterol, they do not know that they are growling behind.

    - the nature of hazardous chemicals used in the food industry and diseases they cause. Neurological, digestive and skin diseases are not less dangerous than cancer.

    - the natural nutrients and their sources in the nature and how to obtain them. These may include phytonutrients, vitamins minerals and dietary fibres.

    - the natural antioxidants and their sources in the nature as well as natural hormones such as estrogens and their sources.

    - the way food should be eaten (raw or cooked) and also food combinations. Time for eating is not respected by people who eat at morning, midnight and the evening. The right time for eating is when you feel hungry.  

    - the right way to control weight and over eating, as well as any abnormal weight gain. Through nutrition the weight can be well monitored. Nutrition is also fasting when you have an extra energy accumulated. But the way fasting should be envisaged is also a very hard task for many nutritionists, so fasting is different from starvation, fasting is based on time and a good will to do it. It is set between dawn and sunset and it may concern food and water. Starvation is a cut of food but not drinks and it is practiced during a sufficient time to reduce the excess of energy.

    - the right solution for the food related diseases: over weight, cholesterol, triglycerides, hypertension, gall stone, coronary and heart diseases, cancer, allergies, anaemia.

    - The right diet to stop the disease and when more than one disease are identified, the diet should cover all the requirements to overcome all of them. In Most cases when diabetics contract other diseases.

    - the right amount of food to supply the body with sufficient energy: Not only proteins, fat and carbohydrates are required but more than these components the body is needing the metabolism boosting materials such as vitamins, minerals fibres, antioxidants, and protectors (flavonoids, polyphenols, chlorophyll, w3).